ILO stands for I LOVE, and this for good reason. Love is the most important and most fundamental base for a fulfilled desire for a pregnancy. For many couples, children are the most important and fulfilling part in a relationship, and shared love is probably the best reason to take this major step.

We have made it our vision to support couples who want to have children during this important stage of their lives. Those who decide to take such a momentous step, naturally have some open questions that we would like to answer with our knowledge articles. Particularly couples who experience difficulties on the way to pregnancy, engage most with all topics regarding their desire of a pregnancy. It is important to know that this is the rule rather than the exception and you do not need to be stressed. The emergence of new life is a miracle of nature and many various factors matter. For your benefit, we would like to give you insights of these factors through daily tips on our social media channels and our Knowledge Area on our homepage. We want to be your daily companion in this important phase and look forward to the common path.

Our team

The most valuable resource behind ILO is its highly skilled team with years of experience in product development of health products.

The open exchange in our interdisciplinary team plays a major role in our collaboration. From medicine to software to mathematics and engineering, many disciplines are united under one roof. Our drive comes from the desire to make a valuable contribution to society and to actively create the future.

Our ILO Team

As a further foundation, ILO is supported by an active advisory board consisting of medical, engineering, as well as corporate development experts.

Our key partners
contribute to our success.

ILO location


Our location at the “ZWT” Center for Knowledge Transfer on the campus of the Medical University of Graz, connected to the University Hospital, is of strategic importance.

This allows us a constant exchange with science and practice in order to always be up to date and actively follow the problems in the health sector.


Carbomed Medical Solutions GmbH
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As a growing company, we are always looking for motivated employees who share our vision. If you can not find what you are looking for, we would be pleased to receive unsolicited applications.